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Currently Taking Reservations for Summer and Fall 2018 litters. 
The Most Important Question When Buying a Dogwood Puppy

The first and most important question you should ask yourself is…”Do I want a puppy right now, or do I want the right puppy for me?”  If the answer to your question is, “I want a puppy right now”, then we are probably not going to be able to help you.  We typically have a wait list that is six to twelve months in length.  If the answer to your question is “I want the right puppy for my family and my situation”, then you have come to the right place. 


We have nearly 20 years of experience of matching the right temperament to each individual situation.  Our motto is “Temperament trumps everything.”  Depending on what your desires are for the puppy, an Alpha temperament might be the best fit for you or the lowest temperament might be the best fit for you.  Mid pack puppies tend to fit well for many different and varied situations.  Regardless of your personal preferences, we know that if we get the temperament match right for your individual situation, you will be happy with your puppy. 


When you come to select your puppy, we show you the pups with the right temperament match for you and you choose from those pups.  That leaves you to focus on your personal preferences of color and gender and allows you to interact with the pups that are best suited, temperament wise, for your situation.


If this resonates with your desire to find the right pup, from a breeder focused on your needs and raising Brittanys the right way, then we invite you to explore the rest of our website. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and begin your journey towards owning and loving a Dogwood Brittany.

What To Expect When Buying A Dogwood Puppy

We are dedicated breeders and we follow a strict breeding plan that matches individuals to bring out the best qualities of the parents in the pups.  We have earned the designation as AKC Breeders of Merit, Bronze Level and participate in the Purina Pro Breeders programs.  We are striving to breed National Champion quality field trial and hunting dogs.  To that end, we are breeding for intelligence, temperament, soundness, athletic ability, train-ability and conformation.  Additionally, we do the “Super Puppy” exercises with every litter and socialize the pups from the day they are born.  Click the button below for a link to an article explaining the benefits of the Super Puppy Exercises.  We evaluate our pups for temperament and help you pick a pup that will be perfect for your family situation.  For instance, the alpha leader tends to make the best field trial dog, the middle pack pups excel at many things and pups at the lower end of the pack make the best therapy and companion dogs.  All puppies have their tails docked, dew claws removed and are kept up-to-date on shots and deworming.   Our pups come with a hip and health guarantee, and we have never had a pup fail OFA, or returned because of genetic health issues.  We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  If for any reason, within the first 30 days, the customer decides the pup isn’t a good fit, we will take the pup back and return their money (less the $100 deposit) or allow them to choose another pup.  We also ask the buyers to commit to our Forever Home policy; If at any time during the dog’s life, for any reason, the buyer is no longer able to properly care for the dog, we ask them to return the dog to us, so we can either re-home them or give them a forever home.  Customers are free to find an alternate home for their dog on their own, but if faced with a choice of taking your dog to a shelter, please return them to us instead.  Your pup will be up-to-date on all vaccinations and deworming.  It is the new owners responsibility to insure their vaccinations and rabies are completed to to keep the pup on a monthly treatment for intestinal and heart worms.  We vaccinate at 6,9,12 and 15 weeks and annually thereafter.  Your vet will recommend the rabies according to your counties local requirements.  Our pups are in high demand.  In 2015, we had 17 pups belonging to 15 different owners competing in various areas of competition.  They earned a National Championship, 2 Field Championships, 1 Amateur Field Championship, 3 Bench Championships (show), 5 Agility Championships and compiled a lengthy list of wins and placements!


We have a five tiered pricing structure depending on the accomplishments of the parents.  All of our prices include the paid AKC Registration, micro-chipping with a paid life-time enrollment in the AKC Reunite Pet Recovery Program and 30 Days of complementary health insurance on your pup.

  • Tier #1:  If neither parent has earned a title yet, the pups from that litter will be $1000. 

  • Tier #2:  If one of the parents has earned a title, the pups from that litter will be $1250. 

  • Tier #3:  If both parents have earned titles, the pups from that litter will be $1500.

  • Tier #4:  If one of the parents is a Dual Champion, the pups from that litter will be $1750.

  • Tier #5:  If one of the parents is a National Champion, the pups from that litter will be $2000.

Reserving A Puppy

We accept reservations on a “first come, first served” basis on each litter. It is not unusual for all of the pups to be reserved and several on the waiting list before the pups are born. We receive inquiries weekly about upcoming litters, and 30% – 40% of our pups go to repeat customers. If a Dogwood Brittany is what you want, it is in your best interest to contact us soon!      When we receive your deposit you are placed on the reservation list for the order of choosing your pup. For example, if you have the first reservation, you get first pick; if you have the second reservation, you get the second pick, after the person with the first pick has chosen, and so on. Reservations are made with a semi non-refundable deposit of $100. For instance, if you have the third pick of the litter and you preferred a male, and there are no males available at your pick in the litter, you would have the choice of choosing another pup, waiting for another litter, or having your deposit refunded. If you place a deposit on a pick, and later change your mind, or find a different pup elsewhere, or return your pup after taking it home, we keep your deposit. We have found this to be the fairest way to serve our customers.  If you prefer the convenience of paying your deposit online, you can click on the “Buy Now” button below to pay with your Pay Pal account or a credit card.  A $5.00 convenience fee will be added to the deposit to cover the cost of the transaction fees.  Paying via Pay Pal is the quickest way to get on the reservation list.

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Picking Up Your Puppy

Peoria is conveniently located 2 1/2 hours from Chicago and St. Louis and 3 hours from Indianapolis and Des Moines.  If you will be staying the night in Peoria when you pick up your pup, there are five of the major hotel chains within 2 miles of our farm.  Many of our customers make a weekend of their trip and enjoy the many things Peoria has to offer in the way of entertainment, attractions, shopping and restaurants.  


We do not ship our pups or sell them "sight unseen."  If you prefer to fly instead of drive, you will need to travel to Peoria, Illinois to pick up your pup or arrange for someone you know to pick the pup up for you.  We have pups in every state except Hawaii and in Switzerland and they were all picked up at our farm.  Peoria has a regional airport that services American, United, Delta and a few smaller airlines.  Another option is to fly into Chicago or St. Louis and rent a car to drive to Peoria.  Southwest flies into Chicago and St. Louis and it is a 2 1/2 hour drive from either location.  All the major airlines allow you to fly with your pup as carry-on luggage at no extra cost.  You would use a soft-sided carrier that fits under the seat in front of you for takeoff and landing and you can hold the pup on your lap the rest of the flight if you wish. 

Two weeks before the pups are ready to go home, we will call through the reservation list to make the appointments for picking up your pup.  We try to allow 1 ½ hours for each pick up appointment to give you ample time to choose your pup, complete the required paperwork, register your pup and microchip.  It is very important to arrive at your scheduled time to ensure that we are able to stay on schedule.
Please have the name you wish to use as their “Official Registered “name chosen before you arrive.  You do not have to use the same name for both the registered name and the call name. The call name will be the name you use every day and the name your pup will come to know as their own.  For example, Buck’s registered name is Dogwood’s Buckmark, but his call name is Buck.  Or, Three Sheet’s To The Wind is the registered name for Sassy. (Call Name) We will use the registered name in completing the registration papers and the micro-chip registration.

Social Media

We maintain two channels of social media.  Our Face Book page is private and only open to our customers and our You Tube channel is public and open to anyone.

Face Book:  Once you have either placed a deposit of purchased a puppy or dog from us, you can request to join our private Face Book group, Dogwood Brittany's Family and Friends.  This is our main social media channel for staying connected to our customers, and for you to connect with others in the Dogwood Brittany family.  

You can post questions to the group and keep us posted on your life and progress with your Dogwood Britt.  Post pictures and videos of the things you do with your dog, whether it is a fun play day at the park, hunting in the fall, or competing in the dozens of different competitions our dogs excel at.

We will post pictures and videos of the pups, announce when puppies have been born and keep you posted with news and happenings from the farm.

If you have purchased one of our pups or placed a deposit for a pup, click on the link to request to join our Face Book group and answer the questions.  That is the best way to get the inside track of everything that is happening at Dogwood Brittanys.

You Tube:  We get lots of requests from people who are wanting to learn more about the Brittany breed or are fans of Brittanys and just enjoy keeping up on the internet.  We also needed a place where we could post larger training videos and videos of our pups.  For that, check out our Dogwood Brittany Channel on You Tube.  If you subscribe, you will get notifications when we have posted a new video.  Click on the button to visit our Dogwood Brittany Channel, then click subscribe at the top of our You Tube home page.

Todd Parmenter
Telephone:  217-871-4559

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