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“We’ve been Brittany owners and bird hunters for nearly 30 years and so when we were looking for our last pups we knew what we wanted in a dog. After nearly a year of looking we were fortunate to find Todd Parmenter and Dogwood Kennels. What a find.  We bought 2 pups, one male and one female, both out of his awesome stud Rip. They both had excellent temperaments, were very biddable, and had lots of hunt in them. We took those two pups on a tour of Montana and North Dakota when they were just 7 months and they hunted like seasoned pros. Many many birds were shot over those two young dogs.  I couldn’t have been happier with my new pup.Todd has worked with our family to ensure that we have not only good pups, but also the right pup for us. We’ll be coming back to Todd for our next dog – no doubt about it”

Mary and Bob Eloranta and Birkey, etc.
Emily and Jason Witham and Lucky


Dear Todd,

My husband Jason and I were eager for a new Brittany puppy to join our home after we moved into our first house. We already had a 4-year old Brittany girl named Daisy who had been our loving and loyal companion through many challenges and major turning points in our lives, and she probably would have been content to have us all to herself for her entire life. But we strongly felt that she would come to enjoy and cherish a furry companion, and having grown up with two Brittanies for most of my childhood, I knew that two of them made for a fantastic environment. We knew that the canine component of our family would not be complete until we had a second Brittany. 


In terms of choosing our puppy, we ended up with 3 options for boys: 2 liver/whites, and 1 tri-color.  My first Brittany as a child was a liver/white girl, so I was very biased towards those pups. However, it was hard to ignore the stunning tri-color pup (whom Todd dubbed the "Brad Pitt" of the litter).

After conducting a survey of our parents and speaking with Todd on the phone about his personality and temperament, it seemed that the vote was overwhelmingly in tri-color's favor. We named him Lucky, as a result of a dream I had had several years back in which we had gotten a second Brittany puppy named Lucky. I fell hopelessly in love with Lucky the moment I saw Jason step out of the car holding him to his chest like a proud new daddy. He has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our home, and despite Daisy's initial misgivings, he has become her best friend as well. We could not have asked for a sweeter, smarter, happier, well-adjusted, or frankly, better-behaved puppy. He has fit right in with us from day one. He is full of joy every day, and brings us joy every day as well. Dogwood Britts certainly brings out the best in the breed, and I couldn't more highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a Brittany to their home.



In April 2016, I drove down to Peoria to bring home my Dogwood Brittany.  My family had come down to see the puppies when they were 3 weeks old and you and your wife were so welcoming and informative, and I was so grateful for the time you spent with us.  I cannot thank you and your family enough for my boy Fox.  I was hoping for a companion but I got so much more.  Fox can be curious and independent, but he loves nothing more than to climb on my lap in the recliner, cuddle in and take an afternoon snooze.  He is incredibly intelligent and was a standout in his puppy classes.  He is also an unbelievable athlete who loves to run and swims like a champion.  He has the most playful personality but instinctively knows when to be gentle like when playing with my friend's toddler.  The daycare workers tell me he is a gentle soul who makes friends with all the dogs there, which sounds exactly like the social pup I know him to be.  To say that this dog is incredible really does not do him justice.  Thank you Parmenters for the dedication you put into your pups and the friendship you offer to those who adopt your dogs.  I have recommended you to anyone I know looking to add a pup to their family.

With warmest regards and sincere thanks,

Erika Sajpel

Erika Sajpel and Fox
Robb and Heather Moore and Lincoln

We first knew we wanted a Brittany the week after our beloved (and very dog-like) 17-year-old Siamese cat died and we met a Brittany and his owners at a local hardware store. A sporting dog that's also an ideal family pet? Sign us up! After that, we saw and met a few more, did a lot of research and just knew this was the breed for us. But how to choose a breeder? We consulted the AKC's list of Breeders of Merit and loved everything about what the Parmenters described as what they were hoping to achieve with their breeding’s and their dogs at Dogwood Brittanys: intelligent, great looking, dual champion caliber gun dogs. We arranged a call with Todd and had one of the most enjoyable conversations we've ever had with a former stranger. He was incredibly patient with our list of a hundred questions and demonstrated that he was first and foremost concerned with the perfect match with his pups' welfare and that of their prospective homes and new people. Have I mentioned that we live in Virginia, fourteen hours away from Peoria? Didn't matter, we knew the trip would be epic and worth it for such a fine dog, bred by such caring and kind people. Our January, fourteen hour, two day, snow-dusted drive back from Peoria after picking out Lincoln from a bumper crop of his beautiful litter mates, each as adorable and spunky as the next, was one of the great road trips of our lives. We were instantly and hopelessly in love with the perfect creature that was alternately sleeping on our laps and licking our faces and bounding around joyfully on our hotel floor.

Five months later, as forty something first-time dog owners, we simply could not imagine having worked harder in training a pup nor loving and being proud of our Lincoln any more than we do and are. If the Brittany is your perfect dog, you can be sure a Dogwood Brittany will be your perfect Britt. Our expectations were sky-high, but the reality of loving and living with Lincoln have managed to completely exceed them. Read everything you can about Brittanys and what you should look for and expect in your breeder, then read everything you can about Dogwood Brittanys and call the Parmenters and ask them all your questions. And then follow your gut when it tells you these are the people you should trust in providing you with and matching you to your life's next adored family pet, talented and highly skilled hunting companion, and very best friend.


-Heather & Robb Moore (and Lincoln!)

To anyone looking to add a Brittany to your family look no further than Dogwood Brittany's!!!! After losing my Beagle of 14 years I knew that I needed to fill that void with another companion but did not know where to start. I had rescued shelter dogs in the past but I wanted to try something different so I started looking all over for a breeder. I didn't even know what kind of dog I wanted at that time but I knew i wanted a pure bread dog this time around. I called around and searched the internet but nothing seemed to fit until I ran across Todd and Pam Parmenters Dogwood Brittany's website. There was several emails and phone calls discussing what I was looking for in a new puppy and they were very honest and knowledgeable about answering my questions and concerns...I had never owned a Brittany before and wasn't sure what I was getting into! They invited me out to their farm and reassured me that they would help fit me to the right puppy for my needs. You can definitely tell that they take great pride in watching, caring for, and assessing each pup to see what their possible future potential may be. I was not going to show, breed, or hunt my future pup but rest assured that even if I wanted to the pup I had could do it and then some! I told them I wanted the all-around companion for my family at the same time be able to have my new pup possibly go through obedience and agility trials.

Felicity Britt and Gunner

They took me out to their facility where not only their personal dogs were kept but pups as well. I was very impressed with their set up. How their placed looked and operated really shows how much they care about their pups and the Brittany breed overall. They then introduced me to the pups that fit what I was looking for. We got down to two possibilities. They let me take the pups out into the yard to get a better feel for them...but I was hooked the moment "Spot", now Gunner, came running over to me and stayed by my side. And by my side Gunner has stayed for 2 years now. I can't say enough about the Dogwood family when it comes to their dogs. They are always available if you have questions or concerns about your new pup. They become like an extended family.  Don't hesitate to talk to them about their Britts; you will be glad you did!!!




Felicity Britt

Olivia Lyons and Pace


We love our Dogwood Brittany, Pace! My husband and I searched for months to find the right breeder for us to expand our family and we finally found the Parmenter family. During the entire process of adopting our Brittany the Parmenters did a wonderful job of keeping us and the other families up to date about the puppies' growing progress and when we would be able to take them home. The day finally came when my husband and I would drive almost five hours one way to pick up our new addition! While picking up our boy the Parmenters showed nothing but generosity and kindness to not only us but to our pup as well. They gave us great advice on how to clip nails safely, dog food brands, and other important care tips. 


We've had our boy for close to a year and it has been the best year of our lives. Dogwood breeds great looking puppies that everyone appreciates and comments on when we are out in town. I love that we are able to keep connected through their Facebook group so we have easy access to ask questions, speak our concerns, and see other dogs as well. My husband and I plan on adopting from this wonderful family again. I highly recommend! 


Olivia Lyons

Todd Parmenter
Telephone:  217-871-4559

Dogwood Brittanys - AKC Bronze Breeders of Merit

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