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Spoon River Dog Training and Hunt Club


A year-round training area, five miles west of Princeville, Illinois, maintained for bird dogs with upland bird hunting privileges. The focus of the Spoon River Bird Dog Training and Hunt Club is two-fold; To be the premier place to develop superior bird dogs in Illinois and to re-create traditional hunting experiences where habitat and birds are plentiful. 

Consisting of 450 acres of mostly CRP with some cropland, there is a large population of wild pheasants and quail that are supplemented with released pheasant and quail during the hunting season.  Bordered on the north by the Spoon River, there is also a wet creek and two ponds on the property for water.  Membership is from April 1st through March 31st with hunting privileges from October 1st through March 31st.


Members have access to all the resources needed for developing their dog and includes the use of the club training tools such as remote bird launchers, whoa barrel, training table, tip-up bird releasers, remote backing dog and many other training tools necessary for finishing a fine bird dog. 

Membership privileges include:

  • Year-round access to the property groomed and maintained for bird dog training.

  • Train on wild and released pheasant and quail.

  • Upland bird hunting privileges from October 1st to March 31st.

  • Harvest up to 30 released Pheasants and 25 quail per season.

  • Privileges to hunt wild pheasants for an additional fee.

  • Regular group training days exclusively for club members.

  • Multiple Johnny Houses with quail maintained for training and hunting.

  • Liberated quail and homing pigeons available for training.

  • Priority registration for any professional training seminar offered at the club.

  • A private atmosphere of uncrowded training and hunting focused on the upland bird dog.

  • Additional released Pheasant and Quail available for purchase.

Two levels of membership are available.  The Training and Hunting Membership which includes everything described and the Training only membership which includes everything described except the 30 released Pheasants.


Memberships are for the member and their immediate family only.  A one-time introductory session can be arranged for prospective members by scheduling a session. This is a private club.  Memberships are limited.

Contact Todd Parmenter at Dogwood Brittanys for membership information or to arrange a tour of the grounds.   217-871-4559 and

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